Donation Options

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life, located between the foyer and the chapel contains brass leaves for engraving. Celebrate happy events such as births, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, anniversaries, business and social honors with a "gift of a leaf." Leaves are $250 each. Call for information (815) 741-4600.

Circle of Remembrance

The Circle of Remembrance is across the hall from the chapel. Its engraved brass circles memorialize loved ones & special persons in one's life. For $250, one engraved brass disk. Call for information (815)741-4600.

Circle of Remembrance.jpg
Yizkor Plaques

Yizkor plaques are molded brass plaques and are located in the sanctuary and the chapel. They memorialize the date of a loved one's passing. The Yahrzeit light is lit on the memorial tablet, the evening before the Yahrzeit date and during holiday Yizkor remembrances. Yizkor plaques are $500 each. Call for information (815) 741-4600.

Book Plates

You can plate a Sabbath Siddur Hadash or Chumash in honor of a happy event or the memory of a loved one. Plate prices are $40 for the Siddur Hadash and $60 for a Chumash. Call for information (815) 741-4600.

Cemetery, Security Fund, Congregation Donations

Donations may be made to the endowment for our cemetery upkeep and/or to our security fund and/or the Congregation building in any amount and at any time.

Please indicate on your check which fund you want the donation to be applied.

Call for information (815) 741-4600.

For additional information, please call 815.741.4600. 
We appreciate your generosity.

Please mail checks to
Joliet Jewish Congregation
250 N. Midland Avenue
Joliet, IL  60435