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Congregation Community Outreach

Welfare Chest

The Joliet Jewish Welfare Chest was established as an adjunct of the Joliet Jewish Congregation. The Joliet Jewish Welfare Chest serves the physical and ethical needs of people and organizations seeking financial support; it strives to fulfill needs of the Joliet Community and Jewish people all over the world. It is to this mission of tzedekah* that the Joliet Jewish Welfare Chest dedicates its efforts and financial support.


*Tzedekah refers to the religious obligation to do what is right and just; Judaism emphasizes tzedekah as an important part of living a spiritual life.

The following organizations have received support from the Joliet Jewish Welfare Chest:

  • The Ark

  • Anti-Defamation League

  • American Jewish Congress

  • Chicago Board of Rabbis

  • Daybreak Shelter

  • Hadassah Hospital

  • Hillel

  • Jewish Braille Institute

  • Jewish United Fund

  • Joint Distribution Committee

  • Joliet Area Hospice

  • Mogan David Adom

  • National Jewish Outreach

  • Senior Services of Will County

  • United Jewish Community

  • Will Grundy Medical Group


Mt. Moriah Cemetery

Mt. Moriah, Joliet Jewish Congregation’s cemetery, is a private Jewish cemetery located on the quiet northwest side of Joliet.


The property is fenced, secure and serene with large trees. Mt. Moriah is well maintained with some monuments dating back to the mid-1800’s. This cemetery also contains a Jewish Veterans Memorial and tribute.


Mt. Moriah Cemetery is available to individuals of the Jewish faith. The cemetery accommodates previously interred and future interments of non-Jewish spouses.


For information, contact Mark Turk, Cemetery Manager, at (815) 922-4065.

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