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Prepping for Planting

April 27, 2023

1) We cleaned the beds around the Burning Bush monument - removed heavy flagstones;

2) Next, we spread & combined the mulch with soil;

3) Finally, we raked the soil to prepare in preparation for planting perennials to attract butterflies and hummingbirds!

"Celebrating a Rich History and Building a Brighter Future at Joliet Jewish Congregation!"

Plant 'n Mulch

May 16, 2023

1) We dug holes;
2) Placed each plant; 

3) And, covered with cedar mulch 

Scheduled Watering Team Keeps Plants Hydrated

The watering bucket was insufficient. Jim, wearing hat, brought in a soaker-hose to give
the new plantings a deep watering. 

Progress Report!
July 1, 2023  & July 28, 2023 

July 1, 2023

August 10, 2023

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