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An Evening of Jewish Music
Cantor Jessica Tobacman

Concert May 14, 2022

Concert May 14, 2022

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Song List
Performance Order

1. Fiddler on the Roof with piano (0:14)  - From the 1964 musical Fiddler on the Roof with words by Sheldon Harnick and music by Jerry Bock

2. Lach Y’rushalayim with piano (2:13) -With words by Amos Ettinger, melody by E. Rubinstein and arranged by Jerome Epstein

3. S’u Sh’arim with piano (3:41)--a prayer with a musical setting by Max Janowski

4. Stars in the Sky with guitar (5:09)--music and text by Larry Milder and copyrighted in 1985 

5. Torat Chayim with guitar (8:22) -music by Steven Carr Reuben and text from the liturgy of the Amidah

6. Nefesh Achat with guitar (9:21) -music by Jon Gold, Natalie Hutner, Leslie Kane & Alicia Katzman, with text from the Bava Batra 11a; English based on Genesis 18.

7. Sisu Et Y’rushalayim with guitar (12:07) -music by Akivah Nof and text based on the Book of Isaiah (66:10, and 62:6)

8. Shir Chadash with guitar (14:24) -music by Julie Silver with text based on Psalm 96:1, from 1993 

9. Ahavat Olam (15:36) -by Debbie Friedman with text from the evening liturgy, copyrighted in 1976

10. Shir La Shalom (17:18) -text by Yaakov Rotblit and music by Yair Rosenblum

11. Zamar Nodeid with guitar (19:29) – A Hebrew piece with music and text by Naomi Shemer from 1959

12. Shabbat HaMalkah/Queen Sabbath a cappella (21:02) - by Pinchas Minkowsky and arranged by Herbert Fromm, with Hebrew text from Hayyim Nachman Bialik and English text by A. Irma Cohon from 1987. and text by Naomi Shemer from 1959

13. Pitom Kam Adam with guitar (22:16) – music by Shlomo Artzi and Gidi Koren and lyrics by Amir Gilboa

14. HaPoreis Sukkat Shalom with guitar (23:39) - with a musical setting by Jeff Klepper and text from another prayer, “Hashkiveinu,” which is sung during evening services.

15. Mitzvah Goreret Mitzvah with guitar (25:05) -music by Andy Vogel and text by Vogel and from Pirkei Avot 4:2

16. Donna Donna with guitar (25:52) – The folk song, “Donna Donna” has music by Sholom Secunda, an American composer of Ukrainian-Jewish descent, and Aaron Zeitlin, with English lyrics by Sheldon Secunda. 

17. Passover song: Avadim Hayinu with guitar (27:26) -a folk tune sung in Hebrew.

18. Passover song: Ba Shanah Haba’ah with guitar (28:29) -music by Nurit Hirsch and text by Ehud Manor.

19. Passover/traditional Havdalah folk tune: Eliyahu Hanavi (30:30) 

20. Passover song: Miriam’s Song (32:01) -a piece by Debbie Friedman based on Exodus 15

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