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Friday - 7:30 p.m.
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250 N. Midland Avenue
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Meet Our Rabbi

Charles Rubovits
His office hours are 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
(calling ahead is appreciated)

A message from Rabbi Rubovits…

​Healthcare professionals can make a quick check on their patients by gauging their general demeanor; however nothing replaces a good physical exam. The health of a synagogue and its membership can be quickly assessed by reading their newsletter or perusing their website, but one can get the real scoop by visiting the synagogue for Shabbat services and then speaking with attending members.

The Joliet Jewish Congregation has seen a recent period of growth and activity due in large part to the lay leadership and their love of the institution. Our school has grown, attendance at religious services and social events is increasing, programs both educational and social now fill the monthly calendars; the Joliet Jewish Congregation is actively moving forward despite the current difficult economy.

I strongly encourage anyone reading through this message to take the opportunity to visit our synagogue and see for yourself. Yes, we are growing but there is always room for more and we’d be happy and honored to have you with us.

Ask the Rabbi
Your questions are welcome and Rabbi Rubovits is waiting to hear from you.

C antor Jessica Tobacman 

Special thoughts from Cantor Tobacman...

I’m fortunate to be the cantor for Joliet Jewish Congregation, helping to maintain and grow the community’s musical traditions.

I teach music at Sunday school, direct the chorus for High Holidays, and help to lead High Holy Day and occasional Shabbat services.

We have a wonderful temple, and hope to share our musical and other Jewish traditions with you!

Sing along with  Cantor Tobacman

V'shamru-3aCantor Tobacman
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Our Synagogue

We are an unaffiliated traditional synagogue mixing Reform and Conservative ideology. We welcome all families of the Jewish faith as well as families where a spouse is not a member of the Jewish faith. 

We are a very close synagogue whose members participate and find comfort in being together. They also help shape the future of our temple.

What also makes us unique is that we use today's tools to assist with the Jewish education of our children - video chat apps assist with the educational process when the pupil can't attend class.

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Joliet Jewish Congregation

250 N. Midland Avenue

Joliet, IL  60435