The President's Corner

The U.S. elections seem to be over but like a good mystery novel, maybe not quite yet. Whatever way it goes, as Rabbi Jenny states, we must choose life. Whatever happens, life goes on and we must adapt to the changes life brings.


Our only control is how we accept the change. Do we embrace it (sometimes difficult) or do we fight it, and then we all lose.


We must work toward working together to resolve our mutual issues whether it be at our work, our families, socially, or even in our synagogue.


Coming out of this pandemic, its social and economic after effects, our social unrest and perceived inequality, further compounded by a difficult and divisive election; we must work harder at healing and respecting others.


So let’s strive to try to become more understanding, more respectful, and more helpful to our fellow man and hopefully enter into this new world stronger and a more cohesive society.



Mark Turk

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