The President's Corner

Reading Rabbi Olitzky’s “Life Daily” on 3/26, he refers to forgetting fear and further discusses our normal service concluding prayer “Adom Olam” that itself concludes with “Adonai is with me. I shall not fear.”


It’s good to relate to that, especially after what we have been through during Covid-19. Fear is a great contributor to not handling a task, not taking that needed step forward and not doing what is needed for fear of unpleasantness, pain, or simply the unknown or failure.


Most of us suffer from fear of something. Some of you may have suffered from fear that being a Temple board member may be too hard, take up too much time, and/or you may make a mistake. Bottom line is that there is no need to fear any of these things, so why not volunteer to help us. We really need your help, your insight, and your talent. It’s our synagogue, we all need to help and work together.


Remember, Winston Churchill spoke about fear and that we should not let fear control us.


So keep in mind, “a man has no more character than he can command in time of crisis.” so join us now, we need you.

Mark Turk

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