The President's Corner

On this day, August 25, I just finished an extensive webinar from JUF, the subject being the health and security of synagogues during these trying times of Covid, security due to anti-Semitism incidents, and storms and the current fall-out from same and future predictions of what may come.

In many ways we are ahead of many synagogues, for many are still closed, but we are also not up to where we should be, so the Board can view the meeting online and decide if prudent action is warranted.

Arriving very soon, will be Rabbi Kuvin, just in time for the High Holidays. A new beginning, how appropriate! Rabbi Kuvin will be hoping for lots of support in order to follow through with her many plans to help our congregation to continue its growth and further Jewish education. While making prayer and synagogue even more relevant, and as such more stimulating and more enjoyable.

I recently wrote an article, published by the Herald News, dealing with the need for us to still be grateful for the good things in our lives. We must have a positive vision and a plan, then act on it in order to better adapt to what we have all experienced lately in our society, along with the practice of showing respect and dignity to our fellow man.

A quote that is good to thing about in this discussion is “Don’t be a character - instead have character.”

If we followed these ideas just think how much better our world and our lives could be.

Mark Turk

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