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Reverse Tashlich

I have registered our community to participate in a clean-up project called Reverse Tashlich.


Repair the Sea and organization was started by a Rabbi in St. Louis. We will be going with the children and any other volunteers on Sunday October 2nd at noon, cleaning up the waters edge at the same time as Jews all over the world.

Our Reverse Tashlich event will be at the DuPage River/St. Rd 59 at Hammond Woods. Other communities will be invited to join the JJC participants.


Rabbi Jenny Steinberg-Martinez, JD

Reverse Tashlich_Beth jpg.jpg

JJC Religious School Participated in

The International Reverse Tashlich Project


In place of casting bread into the river, each student wrote his and her sins with chalk on the synagogue’s parking lot. Next, like “cleaning up the river” as with Reverse Tashlich, the students obliterated their sins by washing them away with water.


The students then went down to Hammel Woods to partake in the International Reverse Tashlich Project which was designated Oct. 2, world wide. With plastic trash bags and rubber gloves, each student scoured the woods and river bank for trash, as their act of cleaning up the refuge left by others.

Religious School Activity

Hummel Woods 

The student's parents drove their child to Hummel Woods to complete the clean up project, along with Rabbi Jenny & Jan Stone, JJC President.